31 August 2016

Mary Willis

Council Statements Regarding CV Link

In citing text from the meeting minutes, others' comment is not often included, and no ellipses are provided.

5 October 2015

Rancho Mirage Country Club, bounded by Bob Hope Drive and Frank
Sinatra Drive
"Mary Willis, RMCC Homeowners Association President, commented that she has been a resident of the country club since 1997 and its current condition reflects poorly on the City. She said their disaster plan calls for the approximately 25% of residents who are disabled to meet on the golf course in an emergency, however, access is prohibited by the illegal fence. Ms. Willis thanked City for their support and assistance in this matter."

3 December 2015

"Mary Willis, Rancho Mirage Country Club ( RMCC), expressed appreciation for Stan Levinson and City staff for their efforts to remedy issues at the country club. She said homeowners' attitudes are dwindling and everyone is really looking forward to the fence coming down. Ms. Willis also thanked the City Council for the recent CV Link roundtable video, which helped many people better understand the matter."

 2 June 2016

"MaryWillis, Rancho Mirage, thanked Councilmember Hobart for his outstanding leadership on the CV Link issue and congratulated Mayor Weill and Councilmember Kite on their recent reelection to Council. She also provided an update on conditions at Rancho Mirage Country Club."

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Address on Kavendish Drive

Rancho Mirage Country Club Home Owners Association Suing New Golf Course Owner
    • “It was beautiful. These trees were green. The pines were magnificent, the flowers all over the golf course were green," Board Member of the Rancho Mirage Country Club Home Owners Association Mary Willis said.Home owners also accuse Beverly Hills-based Oasis Ranch LLC of causing their property value to drop drastically. "The fact that you're watching property value go down, plummet to be honest with you, and you're watching a golf course that you really love and enjoy the view and the trees and all of a sudden you have nothing," Willis said.The new owner has also placed a fence around the course to keep people out. According to residents, that fence has forced to change their emergency plan and claim is unfair. “Persons on walkers or things like that cannot function in an emergency out here on the golf course and 25 percent of our home owners are disabled so it has created a huge problem with not only worry and fear," Willis said.
      Address on Kavenish Drive, possible address in Hacienda Heights

      Patient Relations Representative at Eisenhower Hospital

      Rancho Mirage Country Club: dead course, unknown future

      Plaintiff in Suit against Oasis Ranch LLC

      Snowbirds canceling their lease agreements

      Representative of Eisenhower Medical Center

      Representative of Rancho Mirage CC (p 23)

      Rancho Mirage CC board of directors

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      Related to Courtney Goff

      Cathedral City Senior Center board of directors

      AKA Mary Ellyn Willis-Zucker

      NPF Coordinator advises patient care (p. 20)

      Home description, value


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      I believe Ms. Willis was brought into the CV Link controversy only through her earlier activism on behalf of residents and home owners at Rancho Mirage Country Club. I believe she has little reason to hold a strong opinion regarding the CV Link routing, since RMCC is a gated community that is removed from the Whitewater River and Highway 111. It seems likely that she had numerous conversations with council members while trying to resolve the RMCC conditions. In return for their role in finding a successful result, Hobart and/or other council members likely asked her to return to a council meeting to comment on CV Link. Her comment was not strong, summarized in the minutes as a statement where she "thanked Councilmember Hobart for his outstanding leadership on the CV Link issue"

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