02 March 2011

Bike commute day 1, return home

Temperatures: 46°F at 17:00, 43°F at 18:20
Clothing: Top with 2 layers, with closely-woven wool-acrylic cycling jacket included; Lycra tights; ankle socks. Thinsulate gloves. (Cool, just a bit less than comfortable.)
Time: 0:52:xx for 12.5 miles

17:29—depart from work, with a lucky break of a green light at Research that I could pedal through. The split had 6 cyclists, quite a few for this time of year, I think, and an equal number of pedestrians.

17:43—trestle remains at Linden. Total count of others on the bikeway grew to 8 cyclists, 15 pedestrians.

17:55—west gate to Eastwood Park. I stopped just beyond this point to dig out the Thinsulate gloves from my backpack and wriggle them on over my fingerless cycling gloves. Just before Findlay, I hopped off the bikeway onto Monument Avenue, since Mad River was flooded. Almost no traffic, except for one nicely passing pickup near the intersection with Webster.

18:08—passing the zig-zag up from the Mad River Bikeway, as I travel on Monument Avenue. I was able to pick up speed, and the desire to do so, as I met the challenge of making as many green lights as possible, and had to stop only at Main Street. The rise into Grafton Hill was harder than what was typical last season.

18:21—arrive home, without being to terribly worn out.

During the last days, I've been monitoring my temperature by mouth.
Tuesday10:35 96.9°F
13:08 96.2°F

11:10 97.0°F
12:40 96.2°F
13:25 96.5°F
15:30 96.2°F
16:45 96.2°F
18:45 95.8°F (naked and quiet at the computer)