11 March 2011

Rain Day—Actually Snow Day— #9

Temperature: 32°F at 08:00
Precipitation: 1 inch accumulation of heavy snow
Winds: none to 5 mph
Clothing: Work casual
Time: not available
Bikeway users: not available

It began snowing yesterday in the afternoon and continued through the evening. During most of the snow, the temperatures were in the high 30s, so the snow held only a short while. But by evening hours, the temperatures dropped, and the snow began to accumulate. Roads were spottily dry this morning, but also slushy during my commute by car.

So this evening, I may have a choice to see Cedar Rapids at the Neon or new releases (Battle: Los Angeles, Mars Needs Moms, Beastly, or Red Riding Hood) at the Regal Hollywood 20.