22 March 2011

Monday is a rest and crosstraining day

It had been threatening rain, even actually dropping a bit of precipitation overnight. In this morning preparation time, there was a faint sheen of wetness on the brick walkway. The forecast for the full day included moderate, intermittant showers. So by the time for leaving on the bike, I decided that this is a rest day.

But that didn't mean a total rest day, which I had taken on Saturday. On my way home from work, I stopped at Practice Yoga for my crosstraining, and it was a superb workout. The 5:30 Open-Level Vinyasa, a popular time, was directed by Kathi Kizirnis, a popular leader. At least 20 yogis were in the practice room, and each had a separation of four inches from another yogi.

Soon enough the sun will set late enough to allow me to bike to the Oregon District for a 7:15 class. (Sun move fast!)