09 November 2011

Been quiet on the cycling front

Wednesday, 11 November 2011

Just to keep you up with what's happening:
The daylight period is shorter.
I've been busy at home packing up boxes of books to give to Planned Parenthood, sell on, and throw away.
I've been busy at work finishing a book to be published before I leave for the holidays.
On weekends, I've been busy in the yard, closing up the garden for the winter.
I've been going to the gym for a quick workout, so I'm not a full-fledged slouch.
I'm experiencing what the road racers call the "veteran's restriction."

With a little luck, I may have fewer demands on my time for the next couple weeks. That might mean I can at least do a one-way bike commute each day, for which I leave the car at work overnight twice a week. Here's hoping that I'll really get to bike-commute 100 days this year!

Ride conditions
No ride.

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