16 November 2011

Hanging it up for this year

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Today I faced up to the knowledge that I would not commute again by bike this year. I have only three more work days before my holiday and year-end vacation time starts, and each day is filled with responsible things to do that require a car.

With that realization came another little thing to do—cart away the toiletries that I've kept in a locker at work for the shower and shave after my commute in each morning. Pack up all the clothes that have awaited their turn for my work wardrobe. And carry all the washables home.

Now everything is in order, ready for the winter wait for good commuting weather. With a bit of luck, there may be some isolated days in February. But if 2012 is like most previous years, the first real days of commuting will come in March. And 2012 brings the challenge of biking to work something more than 100 days. That's my goal and my early New Year's resolution.

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