20 January 2017

CV Link and the Environment, part 2 airquality

Air quality

CV Link construction activity would violate SCAQMD air quality standards relating to NOx and fugitive dust, but would not contribute substantially to an existing or projected air quality violation. Construction equipment will use aqueous diesel fuels, diesel particulate filters and diesel oxidation catalysts with a minimum 30% reduction rating. A dust control plan will be prepared and implemented by all contractors during all construction activities, and the plan will include
  • Chemically treating soil where activity will cease for 4 days
  • Ceasing all construction grading operations and earth moving operations when winds exceed 25 miles per hour
  • Watering site and equipment morning and evening and during all earth-moving operations
  • Operating street-sweepers on paved roads adjacent to site
  • Enforcing limits of grading for each phase of development
  • Washing off trucks as they leave the project site to control fugitive dust emissions
  • Covering all transported loads of soils, wetting materials prior to transport, providing space from the top of the material to the top of the truck to reduce PM10 and deposition of particulate matter during transportation
  • Using track-out reduction measures such as gravel pads at project access points to minimize dust and mud deposits on roads affected by construction traffic.

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