31 August 2016

Allen Worthy

Mr. Worthy is a frequent speaker at city councils in the Coachella Valley. I found the following online about him:

Council Statements Regarding CV Link

In citing text from the meeting minutes, others' comment is not often included, and no ellipses are provided.

21 May 2015

The City Council met in regular session.
  • "Mayor Hobart commented on the CV Link and stated the City of Rancho Mirage has four motions that it has asked to be placed on the June 1, 2015 agenda of the Executive Committee for the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (- CVAG").  ...
  • "Allen Worthy, Palm Springs, spoke regarding his personal view of the City of Palm Springs and the alleged brutality of the Palm Springs Police Department."

Worthy's comment is fully unrelated to CV Link, which was then under discussion.

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