31 August 2016

Amy Singletary


 Raised on a farm in Hillsboro, Oregon, at 25 Amy Singletary relocated to Los Angeles to work for the founder of B.U.M. Equipment. She met Fred Davis when his firm took over marketing for the apparel giant and he chose her to head the ad department. After B.U.M. she worked as liaison for 26 network affiliates at Fox Sports, creative director for Billboard Entertainment, handled public appearances for some of the NHL's top athletes, and as marketing director for All Star Hockey & Sports. The restless woman finally landed back with Fred at SPI in 1998 and we won't let her leave. She runs company operations and is involved in the creative "unusual thoughts" process that has led to the successes of SPI's political and corporate friends. As long as client bills are paid up, a call from Amy is a joy to behold. She's married to one of Fred's life-long best friends. [Strategic Perceptions]

Council Statements Regarding CV Link

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4 February 2016

The City Council met in regular session, and public comment was received as part of item 9, CV Link Update.
  • "Amy Singletary, Rancho Mirage, said she recently discovered that CV Link is being rerouted. She asked how to get involved to oppose the project, which she considers an absurd waste of money.
  • "Mayor Hobart provided a brief status update on CV Link and suggested that Ms. Singletary contact him via e- mail, so that he may put her in contact with others in opposition of the project.

Other Online Information

Ms. Singletary has written to the Desert Sun editors on 25 March 2016 to urge Rancho Mirage residents to register prior to the 12 April vote and on 17 May 2016 to complain about the use of CV Link as a path for NEVs. She currently is listed as a resident or employee on Mulholland Highway, Los Angeles and is the business manager of Strategic Perceptions. She may be associated with Carbon Canyon Parternes LLC of Las Vegas.

She has a LinkedIn profile.

Her Basic Information is available online in two profiles and on Zoominfo.

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