31 August 2016

Jack Hoffman


Hoffman was mayor of Lake Oswego OR and councilman for almost a decade, and he was known as the town's "biking mayor." He left office in 2013, following several reverses in building infrastructure in the city at the tail of the financial collapse that began in 2008.

He won election to the mayoralty in 2006, with a background as an attorney partner at Dunn, Carney, Allen, Higgins, and Tongue of Lake Oswego and a position heading the city parks administration.

Council Statements Regarding CV Link

In citing text from the meeting minutes, others' comment is not often included, and no ellipses are provided.

5 November 2015

The City Council met in regular session. Although no CV Link update was provided, several citizens commented regarding CV Link.
  • "Jack Hoffman, Mission Hills Country Club, encouraged homeowners association
    members to attend an upcoming CV Link meeting and suggested that Council invite
    CV Link proponents to participate in meetings regarding the project.
  • "Regarding Item No. 3, Jack Hoffman, Mission Hills Country Club ( MHCC), asked if
    LSVs are prohibited from traveling under Dinah Shore Drive between the northern and
    southern portions of MHCC. He also asked if LSVs are prohibited from using any part of
    Gerald Ford Drive, as a number of MHCC residents use LSVs to cross that roadway.
  • "City Attorney Quintanilla responded by summarizing the ordinance and explaining the
    attached map. He also clarified that LSVs and NEVs are identically defined and that golf
    carts are not addressed in the ordinance.
  • "City Manager Bynder added that golf carts are allowed on all Class I bike paths in the

Information Online

His basic information is online via two services at least. His residence is 35006 Mission Hills Dr in Rancho Mirage, a condominium in Mission Hills Country Club off Gerald Ford Drive that is bounded by Da Vall Drive, Dinah Shore Drive, and Bob Hope Drive. His age is given as 69 in 2016, and other residences include Lake Oswego OR and Portland OR. Likely relatives include Matthew and Agnes Hoffman as reported by Spokeo.

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