10 September 2016

Dan Smith

Council Statements Regarding CV Link

In citing text from the meeting minutes, others' comment is not often included, and no ellipses are provided.

16 April 2015

The City Council met in regular session and decided to "oppose the CV Link route alignment over the Butler-Abrams Trail and to oppose the CV Link route alignment at the Highway 111/Paxtron Drive at grade crossing and support the realignment of the route on the south side of Highway 111 with an underpass crossing at the Magnesia Falls flood control channel."
"Dan Smith, President of Thunderbird Villas, noted he is also representing Thunderbird Country Club and Thunderbird Cove. He noted that the proposed roadway would go through their entry gate and would cause major traffic issues. It would also impact the fire station. He noted that his association has consulted legal counsel and is prepared to file a lawsuit if necessary. They are also very concerned about the close proximity of the roadway to homes causing security and crime issues. Mr. Smith requested that Mr. Quintanilla attend their homeowners association board meeting on April 17, if possible. In response to questions regarding funding for project maintenance, Mayor Hobart clarified that the City Council unanimously voted to disapprove of the funding process that CVAG has been proposing which was the use of 8% of the City' s Transient Occupancy Taxes (TOT) over the past year. Mr. Quintanilla suggested that he also provide Mr. Smith all the relevant documents the City has received from CVAG."

Information Online

The following information about Mr. Smith and his associations with Thunderbird Villas, Thunderbird Country Club, and Thunderbird Cover is available through Google search.

Mr Brown may be a chef with several restaurant interests in association with Steve McDonagh (the Food Network’s The Hearty Boys).

In an October 2016 search, Dan Smith was not identified as an officer of Thunderbird Property Owners' Association
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Uffelman Properties, Inc
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Thunderbird Terrace Hoa
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