09 September 2016

Jeffrey Morgan

Council Statements Regarding CV Link

In citing text from the meeting minutes, others' comment is not often included, and no ellipses are provided.

6 November 2013

The Trails Commission meeting minutes on 6 November 2013 reports long discussion of CV Link.
  • "Mr. [Greg] Trousdell [Trails Commission staff] stated that he was happy to see some of the Commissioners attending the CVAG CV Link meeting at the library on October 15, 2013. Mr. Trousdell commented that in the future, the Commission would probably need to take action on how they want the CV Link to transition through Rancho Mirage.

  • "Mr. Trousdell stated that Mr. Tom Kirk with CVAG stated at the October 15th CV Link meeting that they were not going to pursue eminent domain, they did not want to be tied up in litigation; they will try to work around any route problems they have.

  • "Mr. Trousdell stated he felt the CV Link would start in Palm Springs; CVAG indicated they have several alternate route possibilities other than through the Whitewater Channel.

  • "Chairman [Jeffrey] Morgan stated if the CV Link does not follow the Whitewater Channel but transitions to street level from Palm Springs to Indian Wells to by-pass the Country Clubs, the plan would not work. If that happened, he felt some type of action would be implemented by some City Councils and CVAG.

  • "Mr. Trousdell stated the Rancho Las Palmas Country Club was the first dedicated equestrian trail and was to be from Bob Hope Drive to Monterey Avenue then up and over to Palm Desert. After Rancho Las Palmas was built that trail segment was dropped.

  • "Chairman Morgan stated some of the leases on the golf courses in the wash are not owned by the country clubs, they are owned by CVWD and those leases would be expiring. None of the leases are owned by the city." 

4 December 2013

The Trails Commission meeting minutes on 4 December 2013 reports further discussion of CV Link. Significantly, the first real opposition seems to come from the chairman, Jeffrey Morgan—though he may be only reporting what he understands from residents he knows.
  • "Mayor [Richard W.] Kite stated that as of now they are just taking input. During the December 5, 2013 City Council study session, Mr. Tom Kirk with CVAG/CV Link would be discussing how CV Link would impact Rancho Mirage and where they believe CV Link would transition through or around the country clubs.

  • "Mayor Kite stated it appeared at this time, much of the link would transition from the Whitewater Channel to city streets.

  • "Chairman [Jeffrey] Morgan stated he felt there would be opposition to the CV Link if it does transition from the wash to street level.

  • "Mayor Kite commented that the anticipated construction was to start in 2015." 

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