27 September 2016

Eagle Canyon Cutoff

Monday, 26 September 2016

You've heard of the Slausson Cutoff that Johnny Carson so loved? Well, I found the Eagle Canyon Cutoff from the Goat Trails to Eagle Canyon Dam.

The trail is pretty technical, but not too overwhelming. I mean, I didn't simply ride the whole thing. Timid Tom did a lot of hike-a-bike along the way, sometimes straddling the bike and pushing along like a paddleboard. I got off twice to add some stone underlayent at stream crossings, and I made a couple aborted attempts to get down to the reservoir bed, which speaks for the great gaps in my riding time.

To finish off, I headed up along The Wall and past Lone Heart Overlook. But I turned around almost at the far access to the So-So Corral Trail. I noted quite a bit of early wash development, though not enough that many riders or hikers would note. The need for maintenance is clear, at least to open the berm to allow runoff before gulleys develop.

Ride conditions
Temperature: 95°F at 13:45
Precipitation: none
Winds: calm 
Clothing: Double layer shorts, wiking shirt, ankle socks, full-finger gloves
Bike: Trek Fuel/EX mountain bike
Time: 1:36:09 for 13.06 miles and 1,100 ft climbing
Heart rate: 127 bpm HRave, 156 bpm HRmax
Bikeway users: 2 hikers
Playback of the ride

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