16 September 2016

Flat mountain biking with Gary

Friday, 16 September 2016

Gary Lueders got me out and on the trails before 9 a.m.! We met at the Tahquitz Country Club and rode into the wash. After a couple warmup loops in the dunes south of Cimarron Golf Course, we headed north to go under the Ramon bridge and almost up to Vista Chino. There's a dense grove of tamarisk there that might be a great location for a rest stop on CV Link.

It was time for a street ride, out 30th Avenue into Rancho Mirage and then south skirting several golf enclaves for Gary Player and Mission Hills golf courses. We headed across Gerald Ford Drive and rode outside the Tamarisk Country Club, on our way to take Frank Sinatra Drive up to the top of the Mirada Ritz Carlton drive. The ride up was a challenge, even from my mountain bike's gearing; the ride down made it all worthwhile.

We separated to head home at the Whitewater Wash, and I tool a leisurely exploration of side washes on my way home.

Ride conditions
Temperature: 79 to 99°F at 11:45
Precipitation: none
Winds: calm
Clothing: double-layer MTB shorts, teeshirt, ankle socks, quilted full-finger gloves
Bike: Trek Fuel/EX mountain bike 
Time: 2:26:21 for 26.9 miles, 804 ft climbing
Heart rate: 126 bpm HRave, 155 bpm HRmax
Speed: 11.0 mphave, 36.9 mphmax
Bikeway users: 0 others
Playback of the ride

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