05 October 2011

Bike-commute day 89—to home

Wednesday, 05 September 2011

For the first third of the commute this evening, I thought I was the only user of the bikeway. Then riders and walkers suddenly abounded in the two miles between Linden and Airway. Then again I was the lone user until I reached Riverscape, where another five users were waiting for the fountain to end its spray. As for me, I never wait for the fountain, but I speed through the curtain of water just below the zig-zag up to the Green Bridge..

Ride conditions
Temperature: 74 to 82°F at 17:30
Precipitation: none
Winds: calm to 5 mph, variable
Clothing: Skinsuit, ankle socks, open-finger gloves
Bike: Lotus Legend fixed gear
Time: 00:41:04 for 11.95 miles
Heart rate: 133 bpm HRave, 152 bpm HRmax
Bikeway users: 20 cyclists, 17 pedestrians, 3 dogs
Playback of the ride

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