20 October 2011

Four Autumn Rain Days

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Over the weekend, forecasts for the week called for rain through Wednesday. Although rain held off on both Monday and Tuesday, I had decided each morning that rain was likely enough to drive to work. I even posted on Facebook, I "will be pissed if it doesn't rain later today. Declaring a rain day just because of the forecasts." It rained a spit later that day, and the streets were dry during the evening commute. Wednesday started with an ultrasounding of my abdominal aorta, and I enjoyed the misty rain that fell the entire day. Today has more of the same light rains.

Each evening I've stopped at Cardinal Fitness to start my off-season weight regimen. Tuesday I went through a six-exercise program that focused on the abdominal core. Most of the workout was on machines that allow work on specific muscles, and a finish with straight-leg deadlifts. Wednesday I went through an eight-exercise program that focused on my legs. This is my most enjoyable time in the gym, where the muscles respond most quickly to the training. However, since this was the first day of focus, all the exercises were at low weights for me. The leg workout starts with several opposing-muscle sets for abductors and adductors and for hamstrings and quadriceps, then final exercises on the calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps again. Tonight is my chest-shoulders-arms evening.

Ride conditions
No ride.

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