04 May 2011

Bike-commute day 18—to work

Impatience has been my work for the past couple weeks. Only three days where it wasn't raining and I could ride, and I wasted one perfectly good day because I had errands to run in preparation for an Easter-weekend trip.

Today's ride showed some limitations of the Edge 705. At about 14 minutes into the ride, the 'puter began to auto-pause, even though I was riding without a stop. I tried to restart it by pressing the start/stop button, to no avail. Even turned the 'puter off once. Still no help. I suspect that the GPS signals weren't making it through the heavy cloud cover. But that's just a suspicion. I tried to reset the 'puter off the auto-pause, but I couldn't find the control in the software's menu structure.

The path was mostly dry from home through Eastwood Park, but then the way was consistently wet for the remainder of the ride. My slower speed reflects the caution I needed for the wet and for often stopping to attempt another fix for the auto-pause.

Ride conditions
Temperature: 41 to 44°F at 07:00
Precipitation: none
Winds: calm to 5 mph from the east
Clothing: 2-layer top, 2-layer bottom; ankle socks. Full-finger gloves.
Bike: Trek 850
Time: between 00:44 and 0:59 for 12.00 miles
Heart rate:124 bpm average, 142 bpm maximum
Bikeway users: 2 pedestrians, 1 cyclist
Here is a playback of the ride. 3rd Garmin day, cadence installed

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