28 May 2011

Fun fixed-gear ride for day 32

After working 7 hours in the garden, I rewarded myself with a ride to the gym, a short legs workout, and a ride into Beavercreek via the bikeway.

I got an ego boost when a 35-year-old on a nice Trek carbon frame pulled up beside me and said, "Wow, you're killing me. I've been trying to catch you for 3 miles. And you're on a fucking fixed gear too." That was after a stretch up hill where my cadence hadn't reached above 83 for the last couple miles. Just as he caught me, the bikeway had reached its high point west of the I-675 gazebo. The shift to downhill helped me pull the spin up to 105. The catcher kept up, with a gear shift. I said, "Yeah, I've been commuting by bike for a while now, and I'm in pretty good shape. Plus I found the right gearing for me."
Bike: Lotus Legend fixed-gear
Riding time: 02:11:53
Distance: 34.14 miles
HRave: 127
HRmax: 151

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