30 May 2011

A day of two bike rides

This was a busy day for cycling, that I had enough time for using the bike for transportation for two purposes. I first got on the road to go to the gym for a quick upper body workout.

Distance: 20.97 mi
Time:  01:28:43
HRave: 127
HRmax: 150

During breakfast, I had cooked pasta, mixed it with fines herbs, pepper, olive oil, and a hard bleu cheese, and then refrigerated the food. During the hour after returning from the gym, I broiled a large cut of salmon in a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. While this was cooking, I cleaned and drained a mix of kales and radicchio, chopped a fennel stalk, and squeezed a fresh lemon onto this as I added it to the cold pasta. When the salmon was done and cooled a bit, I cut it into thin slices, bagged them in their cooking juices, and packed up everything in my backpack.

The north bikeway goes to Taylorsville Reserve, and the Dayton Gay Volleyball Gang have a holiday potluck picnic and volleyball day in one of the Taylorsville shelters. It is nearly adjacent to the bikeway, though you have to trek through a prairie area to get to the shelter. I arrived with about 45 minutes of biking, and assembled the pasta salad before I changed from my skinsuit.

By 4 p.m., I was changed and repacked again, ready for the ride home.

Distance : 26.65 mi
Time: 01:55:01
HRave: 124
HRmax: 153

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