19 May 2011

Bike-commute day 27—to work

Another gentle ride today. The roads were dry as I started out, but the Mad River had flooded one area of the bikeway to a depth of a couple inches. The bikeway was damp, almost wet, underneath the tree cover near Parklane Road and from Burkhardt south to Founders Drive.

The Garmin device conked out once during the ride, for about two blocks between Broadway and Salem. Otherwise, it performed well.

I spent some time thinking about what I need to bring with for tomorrow's Bike to Work Day and Cycling Summit. Here's my notated list:
  • Skinsuit to wear for the ride to Riverscape
  • Gym shorts, t-shirt, flip-flops to change into at the pancake breakfast
  • A+D cream
  • Skinsuit—wear the same one to the Kroc Center
  • Sport towel and non-sudsying soap to clean and dry off at the Kroc Center—change into the gym shorts and t-shirt
  • Spare sweatshirt—in case it's too air-conditioned
  • Skinsuit, a fresh one for the ride home and maybe a 10-30 mile exercise ride
  • Basics of course: cash, wallet with driver's license and credit card, RoadID, charged cellphone

Ride conditions
Temperature: 54 to 55°F at 06:21 and 58 to 63°F at 09:30
Precipitation: none, but bikeway was almost wet in some parts
Winds: calm to 5 mph from the north and northeast
Clothing: 2 layers top, skinsuit, ankle socks, full-finger gloves.
Bike: Trek 850
Time: 00:48:32 for 11.92 miles
Heart rate: 128 bpm average, 151 bpm maximum
Bikeway users: 2 cyclist, 3 pedestrians, 0 dogs, 12 goslings
Here is a playback of the ride. 11th Garmin day.

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