06 September 2011

Bike-commute day 80—to work

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Today seemed like the first day of Winter because of the sudden change from temperatures in the 90s to the mid-50s. Last night, when we saw 58°F on the way home from seeing a double bill of The Debt with Helen Mirrin and The Help with Jessica Chastain, Chuck asked, "When are my tickets for Palm Springs?"

I think he was only half joking. Suddenly Summer is over, and we begin the trudge toward Winter.

I took an easy pace this morning, since it was my first time out but for an errand to the Famers' Market on Friday. After the crossing of Linden, I saw Millie and Gladys bundled up in in jackets. I asked them if they were enjoying the first walk of "winter."

Ride conditions
Temperature: 53 to 56°F at 07:00
Precipitation: none
Winds: calm to 5 mph from the northeast
Clothing: Skinsuit, longsleeve undershirt, ankle socks, open-finger gloves
Bike: Lotus Legend fixed gear
Time: 00:43:57 for 11.93 miles
Heart rate: 120 bpm HRave, 141 bpm HRmax
Bikeway users: 6 cyclists, 4 pedestrians
Playback of the ride

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