07 September 2011

Rain day—here's another reason I bike-commute

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

It's been raining, usually lightly, since late last night, but that's not the primary reason that I drove to work today. I'm scheduled for an entry appointment with my cardiologist. Yep. Heart problems, stroke, circulation, pulmonary function, and how I can avoid them are my topics with Dr. Tim Markus of the Dayton Heart Center.

Since I turned 60 this year, I decided it's time to assess my health, assure my ability to carry on as active life as possible, quantify my current abilities, and determine the corrections I can make to maintain a healthy life. My father died at age 70 of a sudden heart attack. Perhaps he had indications of heart problems, but he always called the attacks "heartburn." His self-administered treatment was to stretch back in his chair and pound his upper bellly, just below the ribcage. A few solid raps would stop the pains he felt, or so he said. Then one July afternoon, he lifted some item that an auctioneer friend of his was to start the bidding for, and collapsed. He died on the spot from a heart attack. 

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