15 April 2011

Non-biking day, just for the heck of it

I guess I just want to experience the SPEED, the POWER, the INVULNERABILITY of driving a car today. And the humility to use those attributes with courtesy.

For more information, see a superb posting related to a Columbus Dispatch article on cycling.

OK, there is a reason I'm driving instead of biking: the beginning of a saddle sore needs some cautionary rest. It's in a new place, if you can bear with TMI (too much information). I've noticed over years of experience that a saddle sore appears in the same specific place, without variation by even a fraction of an inch. This continuing location makes me wonder whether dermatologists have recognized that, at least in some persons, the sites for acne flare-ups and other skin manifestations are the scene of repeated concern. But this irritation site is new for me. I hope it doesn't mean a chance of double-zit problems.

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