11 April 2011

Rain day #13

At 06:30 this morning while guessing the future movement of a line of thunderstorms shown on weather radar, I hoped that I might actually be ready to leave soon after 7, and perhaps lead the rain to work. But within a short time wind billowed the budding trees outside, and rain began pelting the windows.

Change of plans: get into the shower and dress for a drive to work. I had had a nice weekend of biking to the farmers' market and yoga class. So there's no need to carp about a day of rain.

Just in case, I loaded the Trek 850 into my van, though I had other plans in case the rain held through the day. For one thing, I need to make a side trip to Lowe's to pick up garden items, including annuals, herbs, and starts for vegetables. Another errand: mail the tax forms a few days before the due date.

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