20 June 2011

Bike-commute day 40—to home

Monday, 20 June 2011.

I joked with Joe, our floors janitor, "I hope you arranged for my dry ride home today." He assured me that it was all paid for.

Such is the power of paying for the weather. It was sprinkling as I stepped outside.

But the light rain let up almost as soon as I reached the crossing of Research Boulevard, and I had only the wet pavement to navigate as carefully as possible. Avoid the lane markings, especially the white paint. It's usually much slicker than even the yellow stripes. And once on the bikeway at Spaulding, even the painted markings diminished to the areas preceding the intersections across the streets.

I had fully recharged the Garmin device, and it functioned well, even with the heavy cloud cover. I skipped out on a side trip to the gym, in case the coming rain advanced more quickly than I guessed from the weather radar. After I cleared the bikeway under the canopy, the way was dry. So about 50% was wet or damp, and half was easily navigated.

Ride conditions
Temperature: 71 to 74°F at 16:45
Precipitation: moderate rainfall between 10 a.m. and noon, isolated showers in the afternoon, wet bikeway for about 50%
Winds: calm
Clothing: Skinsuit, ankle socks, open-finger gloves.
Bike: Lotus Legend fixed gear
Time:  00:44:22 for 12.00 miles
Heart rate: 117 bpm average, 141 bpm maximum
Bikeway users: 4 cyclists, 7 pedestrians, 1 dog
Here is a playback of the ride.

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