25 July 2011

Bike-commute day 58—to gym and home

Monday, 25 July 2011.

Iron Horse Trail, Haverfield Canoy (horizontal, left)
to Spaulding Road (vertical, right).
Unexpected winds pushed back at me as soon as I left the parking lot, and it took unusual effort to get to the bikeway that parallels Haverfield Road (the marked crossing of Spaulding Road between American Sales Inc. and G.W. Smith and Sons). Once I had reached the shelter of the canopy and residences, the wind had less noticeable effect. Nevertheless, my ride to the gym and home was one of much lower intensity.

Glass over half the bikeway 0.1 mile south of Linden.  The fallen tree from this morning's ride had been cut and cleared away.

Ride conditions
Temperature: 87 to 97°F at 17:05
Precipitation: none
Winds: calm to 10 mph variable from the north and west
Clothing: Skinsuit, ankle socks, open-finger gloves.
Bike: Lotus Legend fixed gear
Time: 00:59:58 for 15.76 miles
Heart rate: 117 bpm HRave, 138 bpm HRmax
Bikeway users: 21 cyclists, 14 pedestrians, 2 dogs, 4 unattended bicycles at the creek across from Multi-Service plant
Playback of the ride.

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