10 August 2011

Bike-commute day 65—to home

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

It all seemed so labored this evening. I left my desk at 6:30, called Ch to alert him to a later arrival than usual, and wondered what is available to cook. Maybe a pizza with the Boboli shell? No, too much bread for Ch's taste. And he perhaps overate at lunch, since Russ was over for the afternoon. What else? Pasta with fresh pesto? Nah, there's probably not enough basil ready, and Ch might object to the pasta. So a fish grilled, and maybe a vegetable. See what's there when I get home. You would think that my running commentary on food would draw me away from cycling, but the dull ache of my laboring heart and leaden legs pulled me back to the work I was doing. The heavy traffic up and down Woodman, across Woodbine and Airway nagged at my attempts to reach above the labor of the ride.

Just some rides aren't pleasant at every moment. This was one. Lots of larger groups walking on the bikeway, some confused about which side of the way to clear toward, some barely even in control of the children in their horde. Finally, along the Mad River was a nicely open stretch, though the westerly winds made this, too, a slog. One pleasant highlight: I saw Rick-the-Walker again after a couple months' absence. And then below Riverscape was a group of 30 (or more!) young people using the steps, banks, and bikeway as part of their training program en masse.

Ride conditions
Temperature: 78 to 81°F at 17:45
Precipitation: none
Winds: 5 to 10 mph from the west
Clothing: Skinsuit, ankle socks, open-finger gloves
Bike: Lotus Legend fixed gear
Time: 00:43:24 for 11.96 miles
Heart rate: 128 bpm HRave, 138 bpm HRmax
Bikeway users: 21 cyclists, 31 pedestrians, 1 dog
Playback of the ride

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