23 August 2011

Bike-commute day 73—to work

Tusday, 23 August 2011

Hurricane Irene has developed and its landfall is forecast for Satuday over the Carolinas. The forecast here for tomorrow and Thursday includes rain and thunderstorms, though I doubt it has any connection to the hurricane activity. I'm expecting that Saturday and Sunday will both be stormy here, expressing the further reaches of Irene as it breaks apart.

But today I enjoyed another day of cycling weather, along with the 10 other cyclists I saw on my way to work. Only the New Zealand couple and the tandem-riding Gary and Amy were familiar cyclists, though most of the walkers were well-known.

At the Findlay Avenue bridge, I began to feel up to more intensity. It was hardly a sprint, though I did maintain a 150 HR for about two minutes. Then I held higher-intensity stretches for the two mile-long sections between Airway and Burkhardt and between Burkhardt and Linden.

Ride conditions
Temperature: 57 to 65°F at 06:45
Precipitation: none
Winds: calm to 5 mph from the south
Clothing: Skinsuit, ankle socks, open-finger gloves
Bike: Lotus Legend fixed gear
Time: 00:41:58 for 11.94 miles
Heart rate: 130 bpm HRave, 152 bpm HRmax
Bikeway users: 10 cyclists, 11 pedestrians, 1 dog
Playback of the ride

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